Monday, 19 August 2013

My Gems!!!

Friends not one but many are my soul sister. As the time passes, as the situation changes we become part of different groups.We tend to make many friends. Though I have not stopped making friends, but at this moment here are the few who stand out as my soul sisters.
Eighteen years back when I got admission into one of the finest school of my city, my uncle took me to the school to show it to me.
Though I am not one to fall for anything at the first sight, this was love at first sight.
Yes my alma mater where grooming and sculpturing had to happen, was such a beautiful sight.
As soon as I joined, I made good friends and many more to chat, play and have fun.
'Aa' was one among them. In Eighth standard, we were all shuffled and me and 'Aa' got to study in the same class.
Since we used to play as group before, we started spending more time with each other after we both were in same class. I experienced immense joy like never before when I was spending time with her. She was too good and genuine in everything. Be it sports, studies, dance, poetry, oratory. Name it and she excels in that.
She had a very positive influence on me with the way I studied and the perspectives on many things.
Soon we were called better halves. Ha ha…We participated in all the extracurricular activities and we used to be genuinely happy for each other’s wins. I remember vividly, the hug we shared after her win in 200m sprint. That warmth can never be replaced by anything else. She went on to study in BITS, Pilani and gradually I lost the contact.
But she is one long lost soul sister and wish she was there around.
Due to her friendship, I got another lovely friend 'P' and she is a wonderful person, down to earth, not judgmental, very realistic and very talented and sharp. She took the place of 'Aa' once she disappeared over the horizon.  We had a very different equation. We enjoyed each other’s company and would hang around together whenever time permits during school and college days. We both also had different sets of friends to do various things but never were jealous of each other or possessive. She was in different branch in college and got job in different city, live in different countries and had/have different friends, but still we are best pals.
We just know that we are there for each other. I am happy to say that we connect with the same intensity even now. She is one of the gems in my life.
By the virtue of getting recruited from same college to same company I got another friend 'Pu'.
The friendship slowly has gained strength over the years and she is one with whom there is almost daily interaction to discuss issues, happenings in each other’s lives. I’m myself with her. In this age of busy life, it’s amazing that we get time for each other to connect frequently, not in Facebook, but by actual calls and visits.
When I had to move to Mumbai for my work, I had the friendship with 'Ma', fondly ‘Ma moazhae’, waiting to happen. She is like a sis to me who can read me instantly. Some relationship need time to mature and some catches off instantly. We did not need time to bond. Though we spent very little time together in the fast paced Mumbai, we are now friends forever.
‘Ak’, my good old friend is a rapid fire and there is no dull moment with her.
Last but not the least my own sister, ‘Pr’, who I grew up with duels over unworthy matters. Time and age has transformed us to become more mature and realistic. We bond well now and am always in awe of her. She was a star sports person of her school and college and very talented in arts and she is the super mom in the generation X. Her speed and energy is amazing. And more importantly she is there for me forever.
All of them are gems in my life and very invaluable to me. When I walk back in my memory lane, my life is filled with many beautiful moments with them, that bring smile.

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